Content Preloads & Device Branding

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Impactful branding helps create compelling user experiences and content preloads enable out-of-the-box productivity.  Innovative clients choose us for end-to-end solutions that deliver results.

  • Content Preloads
  • Custom Packaging
  • Multipoint Shipping
  • Any Quantity
  • Mobile Device Management & Remote Content Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we consider preloads & branding with iBusiness?

Successful companies prioritize customer experiences, satisfaction, referrals and revenue continuation. Preloads and branding are an efficient way of boosting these.

What are the branding options?

Device branding reinforces your branding messages right out of the box.  Choose custom packaging and/or on-device branding.

What are the preload options?

Any content and apps can be preloaded to your devices so that they’re ready to go when you receive them. Additional content and apps can typically be pushed over-the-air to your devices and groups can isolate certain users to specific content.

What are some examples of these services ?

We’ve serviced NFL teams so that their user groups receive different clusters of fully secure content and resources.  Hospitals have us preload content for their patients.  Retailers have us preload their inventory and special order tools.  Education businesses have us custom-package devices for their students preloaded with instructional materials and reference materials.

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