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EHR and PMS platforms are more effective with mobile extensions.  Streamline patient onboarding, data collection and discharge resources.

Mobile devices are simple & effective

Now onboard new patients and collect information faster and easier. No need to type handwritten data into your system. When patients provide information through tablets, your practice gets instantaneous import requiring no data input.  This frees staff time and eliminates errors. Patients get processed faster which boosts satisfaction. Practically any EHR or PMS software can be delivered through tablets that we deploy and manage.


Why does Apple send us their valued healthcare clients? Because our deployments are precise with successful outcomes every time. Managed services keep mobile systems running 24/7/365.


Technology decisions amplify with scale. Our mobile frameworks scale with ease and ensure that your growth happens smoothly.


As your needs change, we pivot with you. New locations, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Whatever the circumstances, we're by your side- flexible and ready to help.

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