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In just weeks, your organization’s critical and changing information can be at everyone’s fingertips.  Developed simultaneously for Apple and Android devices, your App will provide essential functionalities including news feeds, calendars, push notifications, event details/reservation, digital forms, video and more.
Learn how your own App can engage your customers, members or students and better connect your organization with those who rely on you.

"iBusiness technologies built our terrific app swiftly and affordably.  It has been a terrific addition to our resources!"

- Ken Roepert

"We knew we wanted an app but couldn't find the right partner.  iBusiness Technologies is a straightforward and highly responsive company - they're the right partner for us!"

- Michael Capistan

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Pricing is straightforward and affordable- Click here to learn more.

Getting Help

Technical Support

Our technical support is highly responsive and US-based to ensure your team gets what it needs.

First Steps


Using our proven process, your app should be available on Apple’s App store and Google Play store within weeks.  Your assigned Project Manager will discuss content we need from you and development milestones.

Getting Launched


Your system administrators will be trained on using the AppMaster Dashboard.  Training sessions are recorded for future reference and subsequent hires.

Your organization - now at everyone's fingertips

Everything your customers, prospects, members and team need...right on the App Store.

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