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Mobile devices for conventions

Forget about printing and distributing paper.  Now have your convention materials preloaded onto devices that your attendees keep.  Devices are custom packaged with your branding, shrinkwrapped and then ready to go out of the box.

Transform your convention with mobile devices for attendees

Finally a different convention experience!  Preloading and distributing devices to attendees gets any number of meeting resources into their hands and gives them an essential business tool to take home.  No more printing!  Now apps, documents, reference materials, voting forms, surveys, video and any other content are all ready out-of-the-box.  Signature branding provides custom packaging and your logo on the device desktop as a constant reminder.  Welcome to the new convention and send your attendees home happier.

Create unforgettable conferences

Do your last five conferences blend together in your mind?  It's time to change the way you host events.  If you have the vision and budget, provide your attendees with preloaded devices for a highly productive and memorable experience.

Essential takeaways

Knowledge, networking and a valuable business tool can be your attendees' takeaways.

Custom packaging

Impactful designs to reinforce your branding and messaging.

On-device branding

Your logo behind preloaded resources is a constant reminder

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