Resources for Field Staff Site Leaders

Tools to assist you in managing rover and other on-site mobile devices

  • Apple iPhones
  • Griffin Beam Sleds
  • Griffin Beam Charging Docks

These resources solve the most common issues:

Introductory Training Deck

Welcome - overview of program fundamentals

See Deck

Resetting Rover Devices

Step by step video walkthrough

Watch Video [pending]

Replacing Broken Devices

Immediate shipment of preconfigured replacements

Request Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach the MLH coordinator for this program?

Alaina Gibbs, IT Project Manager. GibbsA@MLHS.ORG

The device is not charging, now what?

The devices need to be firmly seated within the barcode sled (cradle) and also firmly seated into the charging dock. Double checks that the sled case is tight and try reseating into the charging cradle.

The barcode sled broke - whom do I contact?

[Contact info here[]

The device is unresponsive to touch.

This can be attributable to one of a few things. Try these resolutions: 1) Power-cycle the device completely off, then on. 2) Plug into charging dock for a minute, remove and try again. 3) Hold the power button+home button simultaneously until device goes dark and Apple logo appears....then release only the pwer button while holding the home button until all icons appear.

The device is broken.

Put an on-site backup into service, then request immediate replacement from the "Replace Broken Devices" link above.

The Epic or other required icons are no longer on the device home screen

Reset device to refresh communication with MLH's Mobile Device Management Sever: use procedure shown in "Resetting Rover Devices" link above.

Need more help?

Call MLH IT Support at (484) 596-HELP (4357)

Questions specific to Apple device?

Call iBusiness Technologies at (877) 565-3261
Or email us at

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