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Engage prospects and deliver your messaging anywhere - 24/7/365

A Simple and Brilliant Tool

Engaging, powerful and remarkably affordable.  Kiosks are your perfect representatives any time and any where.  Informational content, transactions or video.  And all content is managed and updated for you - over the air!

"The iPad kiosks have been well-received by the customers.  They're able to get product details instantly from within our stores that help with purchase decisions.  Placing orders right on the iPads has been a time saver and increased sales a bit.  "

- Mimi Gerber

"Our association members love the convenience of the iPad kiosk tends at our monthly meetings.  Member attendees can see details about supplier partners, upcoming events and even register at the moment.  Been a big help!"

- Dan Steinmetz

Frequently Asked Questions

Why kiosks?

iPad kiosks are highly engaging and impactful sales tools that are available 24/7/365.  Compelling content loaded onto an inviting and interactive platform means that people enjoy learning about your products, services or organization.  Kiosks also take orders on the spot.

What gets loaded onto the kiosks?

Virtually any content you need can be loaded onto the devices.  Marketing videos, sales literature, product specifications or even your native apps.  What’s great is that we can update your content across all of your devices, regardless of locations, right over-the-air!

What are the preload options?

Any content or Apps can be preloaded to your devices so that they’re ready to go when you receive.  Additional content and Apps can typically be pushed over-the-air to your devices and groups can be created to isolate different user’s access to different content.

How can we control theft?

A large variety of cases, stands and security mechanisms are available for almost any application.

How are users restricted to my information?

Through advanced features and programming, iPads get locked into your specified content only.

Getting Started

For Beginners


Our pricing is straightforward and tailored around your specific needs. Let’s talk!

Getting Help

Technical Support

Our technical support is highly responsive and US-based to ensure your team gets what it needs.

First Steps


Your scope determines turnaround time but we’re able to swiftly take customers through the proven process.  Our content designers and device programmers are skilled at creating the outcome you need.  Updates to your content get pushed over-the-air to all of your devices automatically.

Advanced Users

Adding as you grow

Adding kiosks is easy as your company grows.  Your device configuration can be replicated countless times onto new devices as needed.

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