Content Preloads & Device Branding

Signature Branding with Productivity Out-of-the-Box!


Devices arrive ready-to-use for instant productivity with impactful branding.  Innovative clients choose us to deliver the end-to-end solutions.

  • Content Preloads
  • Custom Packaging
  • Asset Tagging & Kitting
  • Multipoint Shipping
  • Any Quantity
  • Mobile Device Management & Remote Content Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we consider preloading & branding?

No one really wants to waste time configuring a new device from scratch.  Now your devices can arrive ready-to-use and fully branded.  This greatly improves the user experience, ensures standardized setups and reduces support involvement.

What are the branding options?

Custom packaging and/or on-device branding.  

What are the preload options?

Any Apps, organization resources, hyperlinks can be preloaded.  Also, MDM enables over-the-air additions and adjustments as needed.

What are some examples of these services?

Every organization is now leveraging mobile in some capacity.  We’ve serviced NFL teams leveraging devices to distribute playbooks, review game footage and use training/conditioning Apps.  Our hospital clients use preloaded devices for patient transport staff and ER language translation.  National retailers use preloaded devices to check stock and process special orders.  Skilled trades are using our services to train apprentices.  And the list goes on.

Mobile Experts for Innovative Organizations

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